Stencilling Tips

Stencilling makes easy with basic instructions and useful tips.


Stencilling Sources

For the first-time stenciller, (yes, I saw this word in my research, it means people who stencil) there are ready-made stencils available from craftstores, specialist decorative shops or DIY stores. These stencils are pre-cut and usually made of plastic acetate. There are also many stencil books available in your local library. These books usually have designs that you can photostat and transfer to cards or plastic acetate. (not for profit) For those of you who would like to have unique furniture or wall decoration, stencilling can be a good substitute to decorative painting.


One of the advantages of stencilling is that you can begin with just a few simple tools. The following list is the basic materials for your stencilling projects.

dot Stencils
dot Paints (water-based paint eg. acrylic paint , emulsions )
dot Spray paints (for wood, metal, fabric, glass or ceremics)
dot Foam rubber or natural sponge
dot Masking tape / scissors