Children Art Class

dot 4 students per class, 6-7yrs and above
4 lessons 2hrs S$350
1 to 1 session 1 hr S$150

dotOut of studio classes
A mininum of 6 students to start a class
$400per person for every 4 regular lessons

dotAll materials provided

dotStudents need to notify at least 3 days in advance for absence. Class for that lesson will be forfeited if student fails to do so. dot
Classes available on Saturday mornings 9 - 11.00 am

For children who have not tried acrylic painting on canvas before, I am introducing a new programme.



Acrylic Painting on Canvas
dot 4 sessions, 1.5 hrs, 4 - 5 children
Inclusive of all materials, acrylic paints, brushes, canvas, art mediums $350

Allow children to create their very own art piece from scratch, stimulate their minds, stretch
their imagination and creativity.

Lesson 1
Children are introduced to a few art mediums like glass paint, chalk pencils, acrylic, pastels.
and given the choice to draw animals on paper, plastic or chalk board. Children will be taught to draw animals step-by-step in a fun and enjoyable session.
Lesson 2,3 & 4
Canvas painting of jungle animals.
Welcome to the magical world of colours and forms!
Children are introduced to paint mixing, highlighting & shading, forms and texture.

Drawing and Sketching Class
dot10 sessions, 1hr 45 mins, 4-5 children
Inclusive of all materials $85per session
Recommend for 11 years and above.

Preparing more matured children to learn to draw from what they see. A 10-sessions lessons to
get them started to draw from still life. Starting from perpectives, drawing cubic, cylindrical and spherical objects, they will progress to putting all these basic forms together, enabling
them to draw any objects they wish, base on this technique.

Art is not learnt through a time frame and I would encourage that the children after the 5 sessions, can continue with painting either in my arcylic painting class or other specialised medium classes. Children get to experience different art forms, like Diorama Art (3D  miniature modelling ) craft, Altered arts, Cards making, Tooling, Tissue Art, rocks or Pebbles painting. Basically, here, we are bringing art awareness to our younger generation and
instilling curiosity and interest in them. In some lessons, I may introduce outdoor art classes to them.

PortFolio Preparation for DSA

Artathomestudio is offering Portfolio Preparation Classes for students who are keen to enrol for SOTA, the School of The Arts or DSA programmes. These classes require about 2-3 years to prepare, so parents should enrol your children when they are about 9-10 years old.

dot3-4 students per class
dot4 lessons 2 hrs each S$450.
dot1 to 1 session 1 hr S$150

Portfolio preparation includes 2 sketch books, 1-2 sculptures, at least 2-3 acrylic paintings, 1-2 diorama (miniature modelling)

PortFolio Preparation for SOTA requires assessment, to avoid disappintments, start your children young.