Stencilling Ideas


Stencilling has been a popular form of decorative art. It is the method of painting that involves applying paint, ink or dye through a pattern that is either pre-cut (from manufacturers) or cut from any durable materials (handmade) and reposition it to be re-used. It can also be considered as a method of positive printing. The image that is cut out is the image that you will see when the paint is applied. Stencilling can be done on paper, wood, fabric, glass, terracotta pots, tiles, furniture and walls. In Art at Home Studio, I will try to do as many samples as possible; so do come back as often as possible for new updates,

Refer to stencil materials at Tips for stencilling

Making your own stencils

We can create our own stencils with a little bit of sketching and experimenting. Look around the home for home ideas; the leaves motifs on your table cloth, the floral motifs on your curtains, etc. stencilmaterials

dot Choose a simple shape or simplify the object you have chosen. (I print out outline letterings)
dot Draw out the outlines of your object by tracing .
dot Fill the outlines with a marker so that you can see what the image will look like as a stencil.
dot With a graphite paper, transfer outline design over to stencil card or acetate.
dot Cut out the shapes with a sharp scalpel and cutting mat.
dot Begin cutting the smaller shapes before the larger shapes. If the larger shape is cut first, it may damage the stencil materiel and becomes difficult to cut the small shapes. You can also turn the stencil around as you work.


Stencils on Fabric (T-shirts)

Pentelfablic I have bought this "Pentel Fabric Fun" water colour dyes years ago and have created some children T-shirts with my kids. To work on this project, you need fabric paints, ready stencils, stencil brush or foam rubber, masking tape, plastic sheet and styro foam.


dot Place a plastic sheet below the inside of your T-shirt to protect being stained.
dot Place T-shirt (together with plastic sheet ) over a styro foam or cardboard and pin it over to protect from slipping off while stencilling.
dot Simply place the stencil on your T-shirtstencilledjean

dot Dip the sponge or foam rubber into the fablic paint and pat colour lightly onto cut out portion of the stencil.
dot For durability iron it over

Take notes: Do not mix the dyes with water but use directly from the squeezed out colours. Clean the stencil with water after use.




Stencil art is another pleasure art

Author: Streetart

Vibrant colors speak directly to the heart with its effervescence flowing all over the body. Stencil art is another pleasure art that embraces the beauty of the world.  Each drop of the stencil spray reacts with our biological blood to create a sensation travelling down to feet and passing it onto the earth of which we are made.  The oneness of the being with the fellow creation is experienced through its depiction with colors. Delight & Insight are the two things focused while painting a stencil. The colors delight the eyes and the view gives an insight (of a foreseer) to the viewer. This is a reason that stencil art is also a component constituting street art. The master piece resulting out of stencil is also called a stencil. The art is done by spraying or painting the colors from the holes of a stencil. The modern method of art has revolutionized the artistry field. The art also known as Stencil Graffiti Art appears almost everywhere in houses, industries, offices, shops and even streets. Its appearance is extremely common because it can be easily customized as per the requirement. The stencil can be cut into various art designs, geometric figures & alphabet letters of different fonts resulting in master pieces after painting. Another edge of stencil over other arts is the time. It takes lesser time to paint than any other kind of painting. Street art mostly exhibits stencils because it takes them only one night to paint the marvelous artistic pieces. The rebirth of city takes place with the public sleeping & dreaming at night. The dream of a colorful kingdom comes true with the stunning bright, lively and multihued morning dedicated to them by artists. Stencil art is awe-inspiring that it just needs an ignition to get indulged in for life. The art is a process in disguise having the following terminology:

  • Stencil Weapon: A stencil is a cardboard, paper, plastic, metal or any other material that is cut into different designs as per requirement and painted through the holes. The weapon for the art the stencil makes the painting easier with the holes defining particular features of the actual painting without any distortion. These are reusable provided if these are maintained well. Therefore you can create the exact similar master pieces again and again with the same stencil which is not possible in other forms of art.
  • Stencil Graffiti or Art: The art produced by the stencil is also called stencil. That\'s why we call it as stencil art or we can say that we derive a stencil from a stencil.
  • Stencil Artist: An artist can only understand the stencil art because it is not just about filling the colors into the holes but much more i.e. giving life to the painting. An artist can do that not a technician of wires. They follow the footsteps of the soul to give birth to the vibrant artistry.
  • Stencil Art Commercialization: These master pieces are lavish in nature & worth many dollars because the soul of artist lives by the life of painting. The art is displayed in exhibitions & people love to pay anything in order to personally indulge into the paintings. Even Street Art involving stencil is also meant for sale sometimes.

Inspiring it was for me to write about stencil art and tempting it would be for the audiences to read it. Indulge in it to quench the thirst of art within you.

Article Source: is a concieve source of all type of stencil art because stencil technique in visual art it allow you to reproduce a pattern or design over and over again, as many times as you like.