Stamping Ideas

Stamping or rubber stamping is such a versatile craft. You can learn the techniques of stamping on different surfaces such as tin foil, shrink plastic, acetate, acrylic, wood, fabric and glass. I will be sharing as many refreshing ideas as I can so that you can create many more memorable craft and gift.


Basic stamping knowledge

In stamping, there are two possible mistakes that you can avoid.
Do not stamp with insufficient pressure or uneven pressure. This will cause uneven and patchy image.
Do not use too much pressure and rock stamp as this will cause over-heavy and blurred image.

Steps to take note

Check that the stamp is clean, free from dirt or hairs.
If you are inking small stamps, tap the stamp directly on the surface of the pad. Remember not to press too hard.
If your stamp is larger than the ink pad, tap the inkpad on the stamp instead.
Always check (very quickly) if ink is even or not by holding against the light.
Clean away any built-up ink (usually around the corners) with a cotton bud.
Hold the large mount stamps with both hands.
Press rubber stamp side down on your project, making sure that your pressure is right.
Lift the stamp away and leave the print to dry before handling.
To ensure that the print is totally dry, just use a hair dryer or heat gun before working on it.


Surfaces you can stamp on

Besides paper and card, there are so many other mediums you can experiment :

You should use fast drying ink like StazOn . Refer to tips on painting on wood.

Acetate, Acrylic and glass

Use fast drying ink like StazOn on these smooth surfaces. Acetate is a thin plastic that comes in ready - to - use sheet . You can layer stamped images over textured cards or other interesting backgrounds. Acrylic is a thicker plastic which scrapbookers use often for clear albums. As the surface of glass is very smooth, I suggest that beginner should keep to flat surface if you wish to experiment.


Use fabric ink like VersaCraft. Smooth fabrics such as silk and cotton give best result. Always make sure that your fabric has been washed to avoid shrinking of the design. Heat set the stamping on an iron so that the ink does not bleed. Fabric accessories such as canvas shoes and bags can also be stamped!

Fun foam

Use fast drying ink like Brillance. It is compact, comes in thin sheet and can be cut out easily. It also comes in a variety of bright colours. You can heat the surface carefully with a heat gun and stamp into the foam to create a relief print. This relief print can also be used asaluminiuma stamp.

Tin / Metal

Use fast drying ink like StazOn. You can even stamp on metal or
aluminium Foil. The foil is thin and can be drawn on easily with an
embossing tool (stylus or sharp object).

Shrink Plastic

Use fast drying ink like Brillance. This is available in translucent, opaque white, clear and black. It can be stamped, coloured, and cut out and then heated with a heated gun or baked to make badges, buttons, jewelleries and miniatures. Use larger stamps as the images will be greatly reduced. It is so interesting and I am sure to try on as soon as I get my shrink plastic! Do come back often for updates.

Below are some craft ideas :

Stamping on Wood

Door hanger

Materials you need

dot Wooden door hanger dot acrylic paints - buttermilk dot sandpaper dot satin varnish dotde stamp2 butterfly rubber stamp dot decoupage paper - bear dotscissors dot mod podge dot swirling design clear stamp dot friends, always clear stamp ( same pack as swirling design )


dot Prepare wood surface. (refer to tips on painting on wood)
dot Paint door hanger with acrylic paint - buttermilk.
dot When dry, stamp "butterfly" rubber stamp on desired areas or refer picture for ideas.
dot Stamp " friends", " always" and swirling design with darker ink.
dotUsing mod podge, glue decoupage on the door hanger( refer to picture on placement.
dot Flatten the surface with your hand.
dot Clean off the extra liquid.
dot Make sure that everything is dry, apply 2 coats of varnish

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Gift tag

I found these little cards that Charlotte had been keeping for the past 11 years. They were given by a young girl who was demonstrating stamping and char cardembossing.

What you need

dot stamp dot coloured markers
dot embossing powder dot heat gun
dot white folded card dot VersaColour multicolour inkpad


To emboss, you need 3 easy steps.
dot Stamp the bear image
dot Cover it with the embossing power. Tip the excess powder onto a clean piece of paper ( you may keep it back)
dot Use the heat gun to melt the power. Do not overheat by placing too near to the card. Keep at least 1" away.
dot Use a marker, decorate as desire.

Creating different designs with one single stamp

Rubber stamp are very pricy and we may not be willing to invest in them not if you know that one stamp can give various looks if you change the presentations by stamping the images on different surfaces. (as mentioned earlier)


Fabric stamping


Materials you need:

dot White cotton fabric "4"x3" dot hedgehog rubber stamp dot fabric paint dot " love " rubber stamp dot canvas " 8"x6" dot acrylic paint- buttermilk dot thin rope dot StazOn-timber browndot fabric craft glue dotbrush


dot Paint the canvas with buttermilk and fold into half.
dot Stamp hedgehog on the centre of fabric.
dot Paint hedgehog with fabric paint.
dot Fold about 1/8" of fabric all round and iron to heatset and press when painting is dry.
dot Paste fabric on canvas and coil thin rope round to create border. dot stamp "love" on the bottom of canvas.

Stamping on acetate


Materials you need:
dot "8 x 5" pattern paper dot lacy ribbon dot hedgehog rubber stamp dot StazOn-timber brown dot mini coloured brads dot glass paint s- white , pink dot baby blue ribbon dot double-sided tape
dot "8 x 2.5" acetate

dot Stamp hedgehog on the centre of acetate.
dot Paint the bodies of the hedgehogs.
dot Attach acetate onto folded card with pastel coloured brads.
dotAttach lacy ribbons round the card and a small ribbon to top off.
This card looks sweet, givng another different look.

Raised-up image

hedgehog-raisedMaterials you need:

dot 8" x 5" doubled-sided pattern paper dot lacy ribbon dot hedgehog rubber stamp dot StazOn-timber brown dot white card dot paint dot glossy accents (optional) dot pop dots

dot Stamp hedgehog on the centre .
dot Paint the cheeks of the hedgehogs, and the hearts red.
dot Fold card to show inside colour.
dot Attach hedgehog on the centre of front card with pop dots.
dot Attach decorative ribbons of your choice.
dot Apply glossy accents to protect and dimensionalise the stamped image.

This card gives yet another look. I love them all. I just did them last night after I bought the rubber stamp in the afternoon.I will be sharing more as soon as I have time. Do come back soon!

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Stamping on vellum

vellumMaterials you need:

dot 6" x 4.5" cardstock dot ribbon dot flower rubber stamp dot StazOn-timber brown dot pink vellum dotborder cutter dot embossing tool dot brown scrap dot foam mat dot scissors dot glue tape


dot Stamp on the right side of the vellum, that has a sheen.
dot Place the stamped image right side down on a foam mat.
dot Draw the embossing tool over the vellum, pressing down gently to a pink whitish mark.
dot Emboss all the flowers, including the buds.
dot Trim the finished image , leaving about 2mm all around.
dot Fold the cardstock into half. Refer to card folding.
dot Cut the bottom end of card with border cutter.
dot Attach the wrong side of vellum onto card with glue tape, applying tape on the parts not embossed.
dot Attach brown strips of scraps on the inside bottom of card.
dot Tie ribbon around the card front in a bow.

I really love this effect and tried a few more gift tags as well.


Perfect Pearls

perfect-pearlsI was trying to experiment a few more of these special techniques, using Perfect Medium, Perfect Pearls and glossy accents.


dot Using Perfect Medium, I stamped Christmas tree image on a dark brown cardstock.
dot Dip lightly into Perfect Pearls (silver) and " dust" the stamped image witha soft dry brush.
dot Use a hairdryer to blow out all the excess powder.
dot Apply glossy accents on the image and let dry.
dot Cut out the image leaving about 1-2mm round it.
dot I glue taped it over my leftover cardstock.
dot To add some colours to it, I also dab some glitter glue over to give the shimmering look.

Try this out. It can also add dimensions to your stamped image, an alternative to embossing.