Scrapbooking Ideas

Scapbooking does not cost a lot if you know the basic materials you need. The first time I stepped into a scrapbooking craft store, I was overwhelmed by the many beautiful works I saw. The pattern papers and embellishments were so captivating. I end up buying many items I did not planned; having no clue when I will use them, some were not even used till today. I will share with you what you really need.

Why do we scrapbook

For many of us, it could be the creativity that capitivated us. Others find it a beautiful way to showcase photos of their loved ones, recording their present feelings; making a chronicle of their home life and history. Whatever it is , we all enjoy the process of scapbooking as it brings hours of joy and is very theraputic.

What should we scrap about

There are so many topics we could scrap on:

10 Things about Me
Special Events eg. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversary
School Days
Best friends
Family Tree
Life Milestones
Baby's First year

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What we need

Paper trimmer
Glue tape
Precision-tip scissors
An acid-free, black, medium tip pen (for journalling)
Card stock (acid-free because acid will damage photos over time)
Pattern paper
Glue dots
Mod Podge (for pasting bigger surfaces)
Glue stick
Craft knife
Cutting Mat
Metal Ruler

As time goes by, you may want to invest on more tools. But meanwhile, all those listed should be sufficient, and some of these, you may already own them.


How to get started

For beginner, I would suggest that you start from the basic.
A basic scrapbook page will consists of 2-3 photos (matted), a headline, a few embellishments, and probably some journalling.

Choose 3 to 4 photos pertaining to the same theme.
Choose a pattern paper.
Choose a cardstock that contrasts but does not clash with your pattern paper.


Steps to mat
Measure each photograph that you have choosen.
Cut your mat (cardstock) 1/4 inch wider and longer than your photos for a 1/8 inch border, vary the size according to your choice.
With a paper trimmer, Trim the cardstock.
Apply glue tape to the back of the photos and adhere.



Samples of matting. On the right picture, I used matting with scallops and add on a chipboard scallop frame on top to focus on the main picture - my girls.You can also call this cropping.

How to crop a photo

Cropping a photo is an essential skill that every scrapper should have. Basically, it means elimiminating the unwanted parts of the photo so as not to distract from the mean story. A good cropping can enhance your photo and even the whole page.

What You Need: paper trimmer, cardstock scraps, photo, acid free pen or pencil.

Steps to crop: Cut 2 L-shaped pieces of cardstock and lay them opposite each other on your photo. You can move them up and down till you are satsified with the sizing. Mark it with your pen With this mark, you can trim your photo with a paper trimmer.

With some practice, you will be able to crop smart photos, and very soon, you do not have to depend on the "rulers".

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Scrapbook Page Ideas - Memory Book Paper

Author: Linda Chambers

While memory book paper has been previously rather basic, it is now using papers such as embossing, glitter, or metallic particulars to add enhancement to your scrapbook albums. Scrapbook page ideas are easily obtainable in numerous finishes as well.

Consider the Paper Type for Scrapbook Page Ideas

Consider the paper type of scrapbooking design papers.Something which usually touches your photographs needs to be acidity-free and also lignin-free, which includes scrapbook papers to prevent your own pictures discoloring and disintegrating quickly when compared to normal.

Acidity-Free Memory Book Paper

Acidity-free memory book paper has the level of acidity taken away from that particular paper through the production or manufacturing method. Chemicals on paper photographs will cause them to disintegrate after awhile. You must use acidity-free items and paper for all of your scrapbook page ideas, to make sure there is a sturdiness to your scrapbook tasks. It\'s well worth knowing that chemical substances can also be present from you. You need to be mindful whenever touching your work paper, even acidity-free varieties.

Lignin-Free for Your Scrapbook Page Ideas

Lignin-free scrapbook paper is another variety that will gradually modify the use of your paper. Lignin might be all-natural component which usually retained in wooden fibers and is typically in newspaper publishers paper. Regrettably, most of the lignin leads to rapid document discolor and the paper will become weak. It is therefore a good idea to continue to use lignin-free scrapbook paper. Lignin is slowly and gradually removed from paper from the production or manufacturing method.

Patterned or Plain Paper

Scrapbooking paper is going to be patterned or plain. The myriad of colors and styles allows you to develop your creativity with excitement. Memory book paper along with other scrapbooking products can get expensive but this paper is a crucial part of your scrapbook page ideas. Organize your memory book paper lying flat inside storage or binders so that it is available to make the most of your memory book pages.

Paper Design and Size

Scrapbooking design papers can be purchased in many measurements. The most usual measurement is 6 by 6, 8 by 8, 8 by 11, and 12 by 12. However, and also hardwearing .paper or cardstock which is precut to pad 4 x 6 as well as 5 x 7 photographs.

Hand designed scrapbook paper can be quite innovative as well as decorative but is usually heavier compared to your typical scrapbooking paper. These papers are made of components of other papers and materials.

You could choose between numerous scrapbooking paper types in lots of designs, shapes, textures, styles and measurements. A few memory book papers is very small, such as the patterned paper you purchase within large multi-packs. Other paper, for instance cardstock, is thicker and is sometimes more long-lasting. All of the papers put to use will heighten the creativeness for your scrapbook page ideas.

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