Parchment craft is a very fascinating and creative art which is based on working with translucent parchment paper, embossing tools and perforating tools.. We use the embossing tools for tracing, creating small flowers and laces in decorative painting. Because of the unique qualities of parchment paper, you can dry emboss, perforate and even apply different colour medium on it.

There are many projects which you can create :

Beautiful cards Gift tags Scrapbook pages Delicate invitation card Boxes

Like all other forms of art, there are many other possibilities, the only limit is our own imagination!


Just for fun

For those of you, who just want to try out what parchment craft is like, just purchase tracing paper of 105 gm or more and a stylus for a start. If you have a pattern stencil , we can work out a pretty card.

Simple steps

dot Cut the tracing paper into 4.75 "x 8.25 "
dot Measure 3.75" from both ends and score.
dot Hold paper and using a pattern scissors, trim the edge of the top flap.
dot Turn towards the back of the front flap.
dot Place pattern stencil on it.
dot Use the stylus, dry emboss .
dot On the same side, dry emboss "THANKS "

After trying, if you enjoy the craft and would like to invest more , parchment craft comes with a starter kit too.

Starter kit includes

dot 6 sheets of parchment paper dot 1 bottle of tinta ink ink white dot mapping pen dot embossing tool small ball dot perforating tool 1 needle dot blue crayon dot perforating / embossing pad dot 7 patterns

Basics Needs

As I mentioned earlier, parchment paper is one of the basic materials you need to start with parchment craft. Besides grey translucent parchment paper, there are also various kinds of coloured parchment paper and vellum. Vellum is thinner than ordinary parchment paper and has different coloured prints.