Provide step by step instructions on papercraft projects and helpful hints to make beautiful gifts with family and friends at your own private gatherings.


Paper is one of the most versatile material. When you look around at home, you are sure to find suitable materials to make your craft. They range from a recycled cardboard roll from your toilet roll to discarded packaging (sturdy cardboard from T.V. or computer packaging). I keep a good range of cardstocks, pattern papers, servittes, wrapping papes, corrugated papers, chipboards, cardboards, etc. My daughters love to come to my studio from time to time to work on their creations for their friends.

Materials that you may need (*supplies are available at selected art shops)

Paper trimmer
Cutting mat
Metal rule
A pair of sharp scissors
Craft knife
Pencil (2B)
Paper puncher (invest in a heavy duty one)
Doubled-sided tape
Glue dots
Adhesive spray
An assortment of buttons

You will notice that a lot of these materials are also needed in other craft like decoupage and scrapbooking. You can always buy what you need at the next sale!

Before proceeding to craft projects, it will be good to learn some basic skills like how to fold a card. Do not take this simple task for granted, because if not done properly, it can ruin your whole craft or even project.


How to fold a card

Hints: Always score on the wrong side of your cardstock.


Measure and mark the card for cutting.
Use a paper trimmer if you are familiar with it. Align the markings to where the blade will cut. Alternatively, you can use the traditional cutter, mat and metal ruler method.
Match up the opposite corners of the trimmed card.
Press down carefully to create the fold.
Score it with an embossing tool or stylus and ruler. (as I always called it )
Use a bone folder, run over the fold, to create a neat and professional finish.

Pretty Packaging / Mini Purse

Pretty Packaging / Mini-purse


Pattern Paper/double sided 24 cm ribbon Scalloped/lacey ribbon Rub-on 'smile' 2 flower brads 4 tiny buttons 3 heart-shaped buttons Cutter Velcro Double-sided tape Glue gun Glitter Ruler Ice-cream stick

Download Pattern


Cut to size, following the pattern given
Score along the dotted lines (see picture 3)
Fold (see pictures 4 and 5)
Glue in all the ribbons, buttons and velcro
Using the other side of the pattern paper (1.5 x 5cm) rub on 'smile' with a ice-cream stick
Using 2 brads, attach the above to the flap (see picture 6)
Add glitter to selected areas on the body of the purse

Click to enlarge pictures

supplies step 1 folding folding attach brad to flap

Have fun choosing pattern paper and embellishments. Your choice will give your creation your own personal touch!


Gift Wraps

We can make our own gift wraps too. Look into the faux ( fake ) finishes page to get ideas. You can use ordinary drawing paper, majong paper or photostat paper. They add a special personal touch to your gift. Top it up with a handmade tag which i will also discuss later.


tagsA simple handmade tag can top off a present and makes a difference. Tags come in different size and shapes. Consider making your own tag from your scraps of cardstock.For a vintage feel, ink the edges with brown inkpad or tea bags. A beautifully wrapped gift with a tag is a reflection of a giver; a way to express gratitute or joining in a celebration.




Gift tag / mini card


Cardstocks (12 by 10)cm Small motif Pattern paper Glossy accents Glitter glue Double sided tape Glue dots


Cut out the peach coloured cardstock (12 by 10 ) cm.
Score and fold into half with textured side on top.
Cut a coordinated pattern paper to size (9.5 by 5.5 ) cm
Apply double sided tape on the 4 sides of pattern paper, paste on folded card.
Cut out the motif and apply glossy accents over. To use glossy accents - squeeze bottle gently, outline and fill in the areas of the motifs. Let dry. If you want an additional dimension, add several layers of glossy accents. Always allow time to dry between layers
When motif is dry, use glue dots to paste on the underside and adhere to the centre of pattern paper. This is to create an added dimension.
Add glitter glue along the sides of card as finishing touches.

My daughter made this and is planning to add more to her creations during her school holidays. However, with so many events coming up, I am not sure if she has the time to spare.