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I chanced upon a very interesting book last year; was very inspired by the beautiful projects but simply found no time to lay hands to do them. This year, when I decided to launch this website, I found it in the library again! I would like to share this idea with everyone.



Ribbon switch plate covers

Suppliesswitch cover

dotAssortment of ribbons (coordinated colours)
dotCraft scissors
dotPlastic switch plate
dotCraft knife
dotDoubled - sided tape


dotLay your ribbons out before you adhere them to your switch plate.
dotMake sure that the colours and patterns work well together and that you have enough trim to cover the entire plate.

The picture on the top right is self explanary.


Embellished card

Materials you needembellished-cards

Paper trimmer
Cutting mat
Metal rule
A pair of sharp scissors
Craft knife
Pencil (2B)
Ribbons and pattern paper
Border punch
Glue tape
Assortment of buttons
Small piece of chipboard


dot Measure a card 7" x 4.5" and cut. Refer to " how to fold a card "
dot On the bottom side of the card, use a border punch, punched out a pretty edge. (optional) Alternatively, you can use a craft scissors to create a patterned edge.
dot Cut out seven 4.5" ribbon and 4.5 paper trimmings about 0.5" width
dot Fold and tape each of these into half with a glue tape.
dot Cut out a chipboard circle, diameter 1.5".
dot Run glue tape over one side of chipboard and stick folded ribbons and trimmings on, spacing them equally.
dot Cut a patterned 1.5" circle and paste over them.
dot Paste handmade flower over the folded card.
dot Voila! A pretty card for all occasion.

You can also decorate the top circle with an assortment of buttons. Besides, you can also use this embellished flower for scrapbooking pages.

Dual-usage curtain

embellished-curtain I changed my studio room curtain for washing last week. One of my students commented that it is a new curtain and I told her that it is actually a table cloth. She was amazed and think that it is a brilliant idea.

So, I decided to share in this segment. I sewed this country style tablecloth some years ago and had put this aside for some time because the colour does not go with my present sitting room scheme.

As my studio requires plenty of light and yet cannot be too glaring, I folded the cloth into half and hang it. Then I added in my day curtain to shield the morning sun.

Now, I can enjoy the beautiful greenery when I do my art and craft!

Come back for more ideas as this site is changing
all the time!

Making a shaker box


Many people spent a lot on scrapbooking embellishments and miss out the fun and creativity of doing them. I learnt to make these shaker boxes from a magazine and recreated the designs and I like them all.

To make the shaker box on the left,
You need:

dot Pink felt sticker dot white lace dot stringed pearlsdot cardstock dot beads dot glue gundot scissors dot transparency


dot Cut out a flower shape from the felt and the cardstock.
dot Cut the transparency, about 3mm larger than the die cut circle of the flower.
dot Remove the sticker from felt and adhere transparency over the circle.
dot Place the beads on the cardstock, try to gather them to the center.
dot Place the felt flower with transparency over the cardstock.
dot I add in some lace and stringed pearls to give it a "sweet" look.

I have no idea when I will use this shaker but I am glad to share with you and please share this technique with your friends too.


Embellished your shoes

Add-on to " Twist and Shout"

I painted this pair of shoes using Jo Sonja's acrylic paint . I base it with Decoart limeade mixed with Jo Sonja's fabric medium. This is to give it a good coverage. Using my old round and liner brush, I painted some flowers, leaves and swirls all over the shoes.Go to my gallery to see more views.

When dry, I varnished it with one layer of satin varnish for protection.

I found some cute mini buttons from my collection, and added on some appropriate place using my glue gun. I am happy with the result.

Embossed chipboard with glossy accents

chipboardI chose Americana DecoArt acrylic paint because of its soft tone. For the chipboard frame, I used limeade; lavender for the two flower chipboards.

Use a small flat brush, basecoat the surface. Let dry. Apply a thin layer of glossy accents over. When dry, the surface appear glossy and embossed.



chipboard-pmThis time, I used Delta Creamcoat acrylic paint, raspberry to basecoat the flower chipboard . I like the cheery colour as compared to our normal stamps which have limited range of colours.

dotUsing Perfect Medium, I stamped it over the dried flower chipboard.
dotApply an even layer of Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel over its surface. Tip the excess powder onto a clean piece of paper ( you may keep it back)
dotUse the heat gun to melt the power. Do not overheat by placing too near to the chipboard. Keep at least 1 " away.

Embossed " i love "

dotFor the mini tea-pot, I stamped " i love " with StazOn Cherry Pink. For wordings, it is more convenient to use stamp pad.
dot Clean the clear stamps with stamp cleaner or baby wipes.
dot Using Perfect Medium, stamp over the exact place again. (make sure that the surface is dry ).
dot Apply an even layer of Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel over its surface.
dot Use the heat gun to melt the power. Do not overheat by placing too near.

How To Make Fabric Accessories
– An Introduction and Tips

Author: HowExpert Press

Do you like cute ornaments and accessories? Are you creative or an artist and you wanted to know how to make fabric accessories? In this article we will talk about the basics of making fabric accessories, we will also try to answer some questions like what are the things that we can make? What are the benefits of making fabric accessories? Will it help me earn money? Making Fabric accessories will also help you save the environment because some of the items you will use are recycled or things that you don't need, so if you are the kind of person who doesn't like throwing things, then I think you should read this.

Fabric accessories are usually made up of recycled materials like old denims or old cloths, beads, plastic flowers, ribbons and colorful threads. You can even use more materials, especially if you are the kind of person who doesn't want to throw away things or if you are a kind of person who likes to recycle. This is another way recycling things in your house or in your closet, you can make new things and new designs, you can even make one for your friends or loved ones as a gift and you can even sell them. Making fabric accessories is fun and it will also bring out the artist in you. This will enhance your creativity and imagination which is really good because you are on your way to be a good artist as well.

Art is a freedom of expression, you don't have to copy or imitate other works, you can simply create your own, let your imagination work and let your hands do the trick. So if you're trendy or you love making or designing things, then I am pretty sure that you will like this course. It's quick and easy. You can even share the fun with your friends and family.

This is also another way of saving our planet from pollution and natural disasters like flood. In what way? Simple, we are not wasting nor throwing things which really helps our environment stay clean and organized. This course will teach us how to make fabric accessories, we will also learn how to create cute and catchy accessories and we will learn how to help our environment at the same time. It will also make you cool because you can create your own accessories and you can even sell them online. Believe it or not, many people are interested with this kind of stuff.

What are the things that we need in making fabric accessories?

  • Buttons You can get or use your old buttons from your clothes that you don't use or fit. You can also buy some at the crafts or art stores.
  • Fabric flowers These cute and lovely readymade flowers are also available in art store. You use this to add design to your accessories.
  • Ribbons Don't throw away your ribbons or whenever you have presents because you can also use that as a design for your fabric accessories. These are cute and shiny, and it will make your accessories catchy too.
  • Beads There are so many kinds of beads and you can also find them on art or craft stores. You can also use your old necklace that you don't like, use those beads and create a new accessory.
  • Threads, adhesives and scissors It is a must in this course. There are also different kinds of threads some has warm colors, while some are bright.
  • Old clothes or fabric Another necessity in this course. Pick a cloth that will match your beads, ribbons and threads to make it look good and balanced.

These are just the simple things that you need to know about how to make fabric accessories.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/art-articles/how-to-make-fabric-accessories-an-introduction-and-tips-5293206.html

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Monogram Wall Decals
A Kiddy Treats for all

Author: sajee

Monograms are rattling sagittate yet unfathomed art pieces. Several of them are meant to learn or signify something, others are upright for fun. A rounded combining of letters can be made to seem real glorious in the monogram spatiality. As such, if you designate to alter the walls of your kid\'s building apartment, monogram support decals are major, especially if you require your individual to see letters exceed or vindicatory featureless let her revel see a miniature beginning to a few kinds of paries stickers which are monogram familiarised. For real dolabrate monograms, you can simply use children wall stickers one which has the laurels with which your kid\'s denote starts. For Lynda, for example, you get a monogram depicting L in the most beautiful of fonts. For wall graphics, script fonts are the most attractive search and kids simply object them equal if they don\'t initially see what the character implementation.

For level single missive monogram support stickers, there are plenteousness of structure in which you can produce. For happening, you can use designs where the beautified letters are embedded surface varied shapes, much as a roundabout or conic. Flush these out shapes can be prefabricated to wait beauteous in their own way by, for instance, giving a manifold knell for circles or squared.
When you use shapes to covert the letters, you can modify them countenance author coherent by having decals which soul initials in the contour of the circulate, which is then enveloped by added shaded locomote. You can still feat decals with denary layers which get them visage writer and many gorgeous.

Tho\' monogram wall art doesn\'t essential anything else to sensing stunning and gorgeous, for children you can use children wall stickers, pulchritudinous designs such as typeface ones surrounding the argot. If you take the aesthetically handsome ones, then you provide show the text or letters in the monogram, which makes a really effectual statement. Inquiry with contrasting designs depending on the size of the child\'s found.

Whatsoever people impoverishment walls that lie grander than uncomplicated monograms for their children\'s nurseries. In that pillowcase, there support murals, stratum appliques and also stickers which characteristic drawings much as animals (in the bedim descriptor) close the letters and line. They certainly appear many mocking and fun for really short children.

Monograms are not modest to stratum decals for kids. In fact they are acquirable for a nationwide variety of purposes. A smooth information of this is weddings, where the patois of the bride and beautify gift look outstrip if it is in the mold of fence decals. This allows you to embed them anywhere you requirement. For these purposes, monogram protect art takes more decomposable and pretty forms.

Creating monogram protect decals is a very generative activity and the artists down it put a lot of merciless business. As much, they run to be solon dear than daily support art. Indeed, these children wall stickers are in a writer selected collection. However, erstwhile you bang spent both money on them, they make nurseries or any another chance, regularize at unrestricted places, see rattling, rattling exquisite, statesman so than separate palisade art.

A outstanding way to meet a new wedding, is with personalized monogram palisade decoration, as a decor sharing, that the wedded duet can use to mean their u.s.. Otherwise designs are outstanding for personalizing kids apartment too

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/art-articles/monogram-wall-decals-a-kiddy-treats-for-all-5291390.html

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