Decoupage Ideas

Decoupage is the craft of decorating the surfaces of objects with cut-outs of printed images. The piece is then given numerous layers of varnish to protect and to conceal the edges of the paper, giving the impression that the design has been handpainted or printed.

For those of us who are not good in painting and would like to do projects fast, decoupage will be a good alternative. It does not cost much to get started. Some of the materials needed are in fact what most crafters would already have at home. I listed some materials that are needed and good to invest at home.  ---- see material list


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Decoupage on Paper/Wood




Chipboard (9 x 10.5 cm) dot Decoupage paper (available at Spotlight) Mod podge (mat) Brush Arcylic Paint (folkart ice green light) Scissors


dot Cut coaster from chipboard, and round the corners
dot Basecoat 2-3 layers of ice green light paint evenly on both sides of the coaster, drying between coats
dot Cut out big and small teacups from decoupage paper
dot Arrange teacups and paste with light coat of mod podge
dot Seal by applying thin coats of mod poge over entire coaster
dot When dry (you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process), apply second layer. Varnish at least 5 to 6 layers for a smooth finish.

Bonus Idea


dot Cut another coaster from chipboard
dot Paste scallop pattern paper on top of coaster
dot Stamp 'Tea Break' on coaster, stamp 'have a' on pattern paper
dot Punch 2 holes on top and bottom of coaster
dot Punch 2 holes on the top of the 1st coaster (the one with teacups)
dot Refer to finishing as above
dot Chain them with ribbons

You can hang this pretty sign in your kitchen or office to remind yourself to take that long deserved tea break! Or give it to a friend!



Decoupage on Metal

The Fairy Jug

Supplies The Fairy Jug

Refer to Tips page for materials


dot Wash the tin jug thoroughly in detergent and warm water to remove any dirt and grease and leave it to drain dry.
dot Prime the outside of the jug with light primer (if you are using light colour for base and vice versa)
dot Paint the outside of the jug with 2 coats of arcylic Buttermilk paint.
Leave to dry.
dot Cut out flower fairy motif.
dot Apply the mod podge to the object (and not on the motif).
dot Paste flower fairy motif onto the can.
dot Apply between 10 to 12 coats of varnish to all the decorated outside surfaces, leaving between 2 hours between coats, and sand lightly for a smooth finish.
dot Refer to antiquing varnish for finish.


Decoupage on Glass

decoupage on glass


Simple glass/bottle or even a simple bottle of essence of chicken dot Serviette with small motifs dot Multi-surface sealer dot A pair of sharp scissors dot Small brush for pasting on


Peel off 2 plys of tissue from the bottom leaving only top layer. Cut out the small motifs of your choice.
With a small flat brush, ( not your painting brush ) apply a little layer of sealer on the position where you want your motifs to be.
Using a soft cloth, wipe off the extra liquid and at the same time , flatten the motifs onto the glass.
Protect the finished project with a thin coat of sealer over the motifs.