Decorative Painting Ideas

In Decorative Painting, one does not need to know how to draw, we only work from a pattern or design which are found from art books or magazine. We then transfer them to the surface for painting. However, equiping oneself with different basic painting techniques is essential.

In this website, Art at Home Studio, I will give you some basic painting instructions to start on simple projects. But like in any other skill, we need to practice.

I will also touch on painting on tin, wood, furniture and ceremic.



Basic strokes to start on

Use round and liner brushes.

For every beginner, I will start them with the round brush.

Polliwog strokes

  • Load the no. 3 round brush with paint ( should be thin, but not flowy). Hold brush perpendicular to the painting surface.

  • Press the tip of the brush down, forcing the hairs to spread out, pull the brush gradually towards you.

  • Lift as you pull toward you. As you pull, the hairs will return to a point. Do not rush the ending stroke.

Comma stroke (right and left)

  • Do the same as the above
  • For the right stroke, pull to the right
  • For the left stroke, pull to the left

Practice, practice and practice!

After mastering these strokes, you can paint lovely daisies like this.



Deerfoot Brush

For those of you who love scenery, you need to learn how to stipple using the deerfoot brush, which is usually included in my starter kit.

Try this - to create a a foliage

  • Load the tip of the deerfoot brush with Olive green (use Jo sonja paints for this if you have)

  • Every now and then, introduce Burnt umber to create depth. Block in the whole area, leaving no gaps in between.

  • Without washing the brush, load it with Olive green again, and tip the toe into moss green. Blend this by lightly pouncing the brush up and down to merge the colours.

  • Highlight the foliage by facing to the top (keep to one direction, determining where the light should come from). Strengthen the highlights with extra Moss green and a touch of Turners yellow for extra brightness.

It is very easy to do. Try this at home. For more ideas check out my ideas page frequently. I will try to work this out for you soon!

There are also a lot of decorative painting books available and art classes. Find out more from the following articles and discover more ideas.


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