Children's Craft Ideas

Free step by step instructions on Children's Craft - to inspire your children to be more creative!

In this children's craft ideas,I will be sharing many interesting craft ideas and I can assure you : your children will definitely enjoy them! That is because all children LOVE craft. Those who don't probably have not been exposed much to craft before. For very young children, we can start them with very simple projects. When my children were very young, (as young as 18 months ) they did lots of hands printing and feet printing. They experimented with different mediums such as non- toxic paint, crayons, colour pencils and chalk. As they grew older, they progressed to mini projects like coloured sand bottles, "stained glass" ornaments, beading, (bobby pins) pebble art, clay modelling, friendship bracelets, wiring art (using wires to make rings, bookmarks, stick people ). Their school holidays were always packed with craft projects which they never got tired of.

Besides borrowing craft books, we own many of them which my children actually learnt the skill themselves.Today, my elder daughter who reads Art, Design & Media in University, knits, cross stitches, crochet, does beautiful friendship bands, sculpturing and dabbles in origami. (whereas I do not do any of these) On the other hand, my younger daughter has good sense of colours and graphic layouts, she is currently studying Arts Business Management. Whatever it is, their early exposure to different forms of art, made them what they are today.

I will try to share as many of these crafts in the following months, do come back for updates often. Check out our blog and see how happy the children are.

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SunPaint Art

This art is so amazing! We actually need sunshine to make colour fabric prints. It was discovered by artists on a Pacific Island who found that a palm branch that had fallen onto a piece of fabric, (that had been painted and left outside to dry) when removed, left a beautiful pastel image of palm leaves on the colour fabric. Some of the projects that you can do include bandana, napkins, window topper, pillows and scarfs. I will be teaching you how to print on a bandana. My children and I had done this several times and we simply love it!



What you need

dot SUNSHINE is a must!
dot Paints: red, yellow and blue ( Pebeo Setacolour )
dot Objects for masking; ( the accidental artists had fallen lleaves ) we can use anything ranging from buttons, pretzels, strings, lace, silk flowers or cut-out shapes )
dot Old brush ( or sponge brush )
dot Lightweight 100 per cent white cotton. (15 x15 ) in




dot Choose a sunny day.
dot Place a piece of aluminium foil or plastic sheet below the sewn fabric.( to prevent paint from staining the work area and also to carry out to sunny place)
dot Using a sponge brush, wet fabric with water and spread it flat at the same time. ( It should be wet and not damp )
dot Brush the wet fabric with diluted paint. (1 spoon of paint to 1 spoon of water for very bright colour; 1 spoon of paint to 3 spoons of colour for more dilute colours)
You can form any patterns (zig zag or round circles )
dot If your work area has no sun, you can carry your fabric ( hold it flat) to a sunny place.
dot Place your mask shapes or objects.
Leave them in the sun until it is completely dry.
dot To make the prints permanent, with the help of an adult, iron the beautiful bandana for 3 minutes with an iron on the "cotton" setting.
dot Though the colour will not run now, I suggest that you should handwash your bandana and not to bleach it.

Hope you enjoy this amazing art that is also suitable for very young children .

Check out our interesting and creative workshops for children in our workshop page.

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Wired stick people

stick people

What you need

To make one stick people

dot Two 10" pieces of wire dot button with 2 holes dot 3" wire
Can keep to the same colour.


dot Thread the 3" wire through the holes of the button.
dot Curl the threaded wire into eyeballs.
dot Thread the 10" wire through the back of the button (the loop)
dot Leave about 2"- 3 " of wire at the top to create different hairstyle.
dot To create the neck, Twist the long tails of wire together .
dot Bend the arms, leaving a loop on the end as hands.
dot Twist the body as the neck.
dot As for the legs, do it the same as for the arms.
dot Style the hair as you desire. Have Fun!

Try this out before doing with your children. I'm sure you will enjoy it too!

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Wired bracelet

What you need

dot 2 contrasting colours wires about 5" for each figure 8 link . (refer to photo )
May be a good craft when teaching your child number 8.


dot Make a figure 8 with one end of the wire.
dot Wrap the ends around the centre a few times. Snip off with an old nail clipper.
dot Do the next piece the same way and loop it through the first link.
dot Your probably need about 10 - 12 links depending on the size of your child's wrist.

Try to figure out how to do the other bracelet. Hint: Use a pencil to help to coil the wire.

Special thanks to KLUTZ for the wonderful sunpaint and wire ideas.

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Creative Art creative art

I found these pieces of treasures that were done by Amanda and me when she was probably 2 -3 years old.

What you need

dot Non-toxic poster paint of various colours.
dot White Art paper

To be honest, I had forgotten how we did these, propably just splashing the paints, one colour at a time. Whatever it is , it looks like a messy job, so remember to wear aprons and cover your work area. Just try these out , they look real fun!

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Canvas Scrapbook

You need to do this with your children.

What you need

dot 2 pieces of 6.5"x 8.5" chipboard dot 2 pieces of 7.5" x 9.5" canvas dot 2 pieces of 6.25" x8.25" canvas dot 2 pieces of cut- out fabric with kids graphics dot 2 cut-out felt shapes dot proxy stickers dot letterings stickers dot glittery glue dot glue dots dot assortment of colourful ribbons dot 2 rings dot craft glue dot eyelets dotmod podge dot sponge brushdot hole puncher dot acrylic paint- buttermilk.ashley-scrap


dot Paint all the canvas with buttermilk .
dot Apply mod podge evenly on chipboard and adhere the bigger canvas over.
dot Cut the 4 end corners of the canvas at a 45 degree about 1/8" away from the board corners.
dot Score edges of canvas with a stylus. Glue the edges down to the inside of the book cover.
dot Attach the smaller canvas on the inside front cover.
dot Repeat the steps for the back cover.
dot Use a heavy duty hole puncher, punch 2 holes.
dot With an eyelet setter, set eyelets on the top of the punched hole, (over a mat ) turn over and firmly strike with a hammer 2 or 3 times till the hole is cut clearly.
dot Now comes the most interesting steps- decorate- paste the graphics with craft glue.
dot Decorate with proxy stickers, cut- out shapes, glitter glue and tie ribbons round the rings.
dot If stickers do not stick too well, apply a coat of varnish over.

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Canvas shoes


My daughter, Charlotte made this herself and had already worn it twice. From what you see, you will know that she loves colours.

What you need

dot White canvas shoesdot fabric paint dot pebeo touch deco dot brush


dot To create the colourful effect, start from the darkest colur, dab the colours on your canvas shoes..
dot Wash your brush and blend the colours on your canvas shoes.
dot Paint the trimmings and straps with pebeo gold
dot Let dry or use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process
dot Squeezing the nozzle, form stars of different sizes over your painted shoes.


Decoupage on canvas

What you need

dotMod Podge dotCanvas dotServiettes of your choice

All you need is mod podge or white glue, pretty serviettes of your choice.
You can use small basket from Daiso, 8x8 inches canvases, wooden plaques, tins or even glass jars. For the floral decoupage.

dot I painted a light sand colour as background of my serviette is that colour too. ( The trick is to keep to the same colour as the background of your serviette )
dot Dry it with a hairdryer.
dot `Cut out the design you want from the serviette and tear of 2 plys of thin tissue from that serviette.
dot Keep your hands dry while doing this as the tissue is very thin and delicate and might torn easily.
dot Apply a layer of mod podge generously on your canvas.
dot Using both your hands to hold the cut out design, paste it on the desired position. Do not lift up again if you realise that the position is a bit off, use your sponge brush with mod podge again to brush the surface gently, starting from inside to outside.
dot Leave it to dry or hasten it by using a hairdryer. Varnish over once, let dry and repeat that for 2-3 times.

Most of those serviettes were collected over the years, mainly given by friends or students who bought from overseas and who remember me, I am thankful!


Marble Art

2 young siblings were at my studio yesterday having great fun with marbling art.Parents, you might want to try this out with your children too. It's easy and fun.

dot I used enamel paints which were given to me, some scraps, coloured craft papers, plenty of toothpicks, plastic container to be filled with water.
dot Have your gloves ready .
dot Simply drop a few drops of enamel paints on the water and swirl together with the tooth pick to create designs.
dot Lower the paper gently onto the surface of the water so that it can pick up the design you have created.
dot Put on the gloves and lift up the paper carefully. Leave the paper to dry on newspaper or unwanted cardboard for a few hours.
dot You can create your own master art pieces, trying out on small canvases or create your own gift wrap paper, book covers, etc.

marble art

If you are using enamel paints or nail polish, open the windows and keep room ventilated with fans on. Alternatively, you can use acrylic paints which is quite odourless, I have not tried that yet though. But the young kids in my art classes are forever fascinated by the colours formation!!



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