1st July 2014

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7th August 2010

The Saturday morning class students did these paintings! The young artist loves everything about paints; the smell, the colours and the textures, stimulates and excites her!

6th of August

2 ladies came for 3hours session of Canvas Altered Art. One wanted to do for her family, another for her anniversary. So, vintage and romantic themes were chosen respectively. We worked on 12x16" canvas. Last night, I chose some patterned papers and embellishments from my treasures and did the layouts for them, so that today we can just work on the pieces.

It was their first time in scrapbooking and altered art. Both were satisfied and at the same time amazed at how beautiful their finished pieces look.

5th of August

My young student came this morning. She did 3 pieces of Bandana, (see children's craft) one for her sis, another for her bro and last but not least herself. She had great fun playing with the primary colours, mixing and brushing away, grinning away, each time she got different colours! It took us like 40 mins to do all this. Next, I wanted her to finish her unfinished painting she did last Saturday. I wanted her to play with texture paints on the clouds, using palette knife, but ended up using fingers. Sue at this point is having too much fun and elation. I felt that to continue with this painting , may not give her full expression. When I suggested that she can have another new piece to fully express her present emotions, she gave me such wide grin. That is when I see how happy she is with all the mixing of colours, using her bare hands, forming different designs within minutes, asking for more colours and texture. Seeing the joy in this young artist's face, filled me with much satisfaction and happiness!!

My only regrets is that I did not capture all these in pictures, now they can remain only as happy memories! Beneath her final finished painting, were many interesting expressions that expressed her freedom in art that I am very much inspired!!

3rd of August

Interestingly, the Oil Painting Art Class that is mentioned above, the instructor, Mr Wee Shoo Leong was my NAFA water colour teacher. Kind of miss those carefree days with my friends, hanging around after class.

9th of June

Visit my flickr to see more pictures.

8th of June

Hi there!! I have not been here for some time. Have been busy with some other matters or more important things in my life.

Anyway, something exciting happened.

2 weeks ago, a mother found my site and asked if I take 7 year olds for art class; these are what she said,

"I found your site and very interested in your background and impressed with your passion in art. I have a 7 year old daughter who has been very much into art, painting, drawing and hand crafting..."

Although I humbly told her that I have no children's art class and no syllabus yet, she believes in me to bring her little girl for my class for assessment. So now I have started a children art class on every Sat morning, 9am to 10.15am, from 1 child, and expanding... Thanks!!!

It is great sharing art passion with others. Her testimonies are found in this blog:

27th of September

My apologies that my site had been down for the couple of days due to some technical problems. Anyway, I am back and have just uploaded a lot more new pictures in my gallery.

17th of March

I have been in love with mini stuff - teddies, cottages, hearts; all wooden and altered them.These are what I have been toying wih lately.


Go to Ideas page- altered art to find out more.

5th of February

I have created a new segment for painted shoes in my gallery. As you can see, I have painted too many pairs so far, 11 pairs to be exact,,so decided to share this new love with you. Do check out in my gallery !

13th of January

I have been inspired to paint on canvas shoes lately. I had done 3 pairs so far; 2 for Amanda and 1 for Charlotte.


27th of November

Wow! I had just put up our Christmas tree and packed my studio and home; took me almost 6 hours.So...oo tired; take a break now before ironing. Actually it is very satsifying when everything is done. I guess it is another form of art!

8th of November

Decorative painting class on the 6th ran smoothly with 5 teenagers and a lady. It was the first time experience for all of them and I'm glad that majoriy of them like it.

3rd of November, 2008

I have been busy preparing samples for my new decorative classes which will be starting this coming Thursday.

27th of October

It is Deepavali today but I was busily working on these new ideas.I have just uploaded a lot more in children's craft and altered art. Please take note that altered art has been mysteriously disappear from the nav bar for quite some time, to access to it, link up to the sitemap. We are looking into this matter and will fix it as soon.

26th of October

I have uploaded several new ideas on stamping and holiday gifts. Do check them out!

22th of October

If you are reading this now, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My site is new and really need friends like you who has been supporting in this way. Please help to introduce this site to anyone who you think can benefit from it. I have updated children craft ideas, glass painting ideas. fabric painting tips and stamping tips; all these within a week. So, do come back often for updates.

17th of October

It has been 3 weeks since the launching of my site and the response has been encouraging . One ex- student actually travelled about 2 hours (to and fro) on the following day, just to take a better view of my studio. And yes, she is planning to continue her class with me. Many thanks to all of you out there who has been so kind and supportive .Special thanks to my family for helping me to set up this site. Amanda, who who has sacrificed a huge part of her holidays; a lot of effort have been put in. My husband who has always been so supportive, he has been my chief photographer for many years! Amidst his busy work , service in church, studies and various commitments, he has always helped me in all the technical work and administration.. Not forgetting Char, my younger daughter who has just finished her exams). She is also contributing to this site with her creations! (Amanda has lots of handicrafts from the past, waiting to be featured.) I had learnt a lot these periods, Mandy has taught me Dreamweaver, and I am already uploading these myself. Besides, I have made a lots of friends through this site too. Some of them will be sharing their artistic ideas in this site soon. In fact, you can also check out in my link page.

While researching on glass and fabric painting, I got so excited, when I realised that I can actually use my acrylic paints without investing on other paints. The night itself, I painted on my old jeans. I painted some falling autumn leaves on one side of my jeans, it looks GREAT!. Amanda thinks that it is cool and I asked her for her old jeans to be painted on. She actually agree. And while all these were going on, younger daughter was working on her white canvas shoes. She turned it into a cheerful, pretty pair. She is good in this. Anyway, after painting my jeans, I looked around for some more fabric to paint. I saw this old purple silk cushion cover and decided to transform it. Silk is relatively easier to paint on but I guess I was a bit tired and rushed through the painting. It looks pretty but a little rough for my liking.

The next morning, I painted 2 teddy bears on a commercial bag, and (of course) I painted over the logo. I also found a $3 T-shirt and painted strawberries on the bottom corner and I think I like it! In the afternoon, I worked on 4 glass paintings. Thay are so lovely, I will paint more. My friends out there, you will probably receive some of these for Christmas! I was looking for some more glass to paint on but found no suitable piece. I proceeded to stencilling. The wall outside my house was given a new look, I stencilled some leaves motifs beside my potted plants. Next, I attempted on my big mirror. It is very difficult to stencil on because of the smooth surface, need to use spray paint.

For the past few weeks, I have been working very hard to add in more information to my ideas and tips page . While going through my elder daughter's collection, I found some of her works that were done when she was about 2 or 3. I was so excied to share these with you too, hopefully in another one or two week's time. There are so much to share, so do come back often for updates as I need to work on the uploading.

Meanwhile, check out the new Stencilling Ideas, Stencilling tips, Stamping Ideas, Fabric Painting tips, Glass Painting tips, Parchment Craft, and Children's craft.

September 2008

Hannah and Ashley

Recently, I ran a private party for a 7 year old who invited 10 of her friends to her birthday party. We did a 5" x 6" mini diary. The girls had lots of fun playing with glitter, stamping and even layering the flowers. I'm sure they went home excited and perhaps this could be the beginning of the discovery of their hidden talent!

I believe kids need exposure like this, and lots of freedom to express themselves.I don't believe in giving too much restriction when come to creative work. I merely give guidelines, and they are free to change the design and express themselves through Art.

And guess what? Most of them came out with different and ingenious ideas that I had never thought of myself! Impressive!

Check out on my workshop page for more info.